Saturday, January 8, 2011

Question of the Day: What Was Your Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon?

If your old enough (like me, unfortunately) you probably remember watching cartoons on television mostly on Saturday mornings. All of the then "big three" networks had Saturday morning cartoon and kid's show lineups in those days. I think my favorite was The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show, which was 90  minutes long (and later just an hour) and which featured many of the great Warner Bros. theatrical shorts.

So, what was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon or children's show? 


  1. Tomorrow's question: "Should this be the last question of the Day?"

  2. Bugs Bunny. Handsdown.

    I used to like Dungeons and Dragons too.

    There was another cartoon called Nightmare Ned in the 1990s. It was fantastic but didn't last long.

  3. Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, bitches.

    And don't stop the questions. Most people just aren't active participants... you should teach a class, that way you can see that only about 5% of people will ever choose to actively participate. Most people just like to watch... possibly a result of TV, since it's one-way communication.


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