Friday, January 14, 2011

Question of the Day: What Is Your Favorite Fast Food and Why?

For me, it depends on my mood. All we've got near work in the category is McDonald's, and I stopped by there today after visiting the bank (what, you, Nikk Jakson, opponent of the evil banksters, patronized a bank? yes, but not for myself; I still hate banksters and all they stand for) . I didn't want to, but I figured, I'm here anyway, what the hell, so I pulled into the drive-thru and didn't know what to order. I like the fries, so I just ordered off the dollar menu and got that plus two McDoubles. It was 3 bucks plus tax, but too many calories for such a small price. I'm still not hungry hours and hours later, and I was really looking forward to that can of bean soup when I got home.

I wish they had a Taco Bell near work, then I could really get fat whenever I have to go up to that shopping center.

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  1. I would only eat at McDonald's if it was breakfast (before 10:30am). Taco Bell is delicious, even though I don't want to think about the meat quality...

    But I have to hand it to Steak 'n Shake. You might not consider it fast food, but they have a drive-thru, and that counts in my book. Their chili is amazing, and they have some great milkshakes.


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