Thursday, January 13, 2011

Question of the Day: What Is Your Dream Car and Why?

My dream car is a brand new one, seeing how I've never had a brand new car. I only need it to get me to work and other important places, not give me an ego boost. I'd like just a Honda Civic possibly, but if I had the money for something more expensive, I might go for a Bentley Flying Spur, then I could fly down the highway and pass all those jerks and say, "Ha, I'm driving a Bentley, loser!"...okay, I would like that ego boost after all. Maybe yours is a classic, or maybe it's something really stupid. Or maybe you don't have a dream car and you dream of mass public transit instead.


  1. Honda Accord or Civic (definitely Accord if I have kids). But can I also vote for awesome high-speed magnet trains? Those are so bad-ass.

  2. My dream car is a high-end Hummer. They look good, but more importantly they're great in bad weather, and you never get stuck. I live in the northeast, and my little Ford Escape is killing me.

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  4. 1960 Desoto Fireflite or Adventurer. Google it and look at a few pics. I tried to post a URL but it was 9 miles long, so I re-posted this comment without it.


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