Monday, January 17, 2011

Question of the Day: Have You Ever Thought About Giving Up Blogging?

This question can only be answered by those who actually blog, but since many of the readers of this blog are also bloggers, well...

I just lost a whole post I wrote about using a cell phone while driving (I'm in favor of it, if you must know). It's because of that goddamned AutoSave feature in the Blogger post editor. There is no way to simply turn it off, so here's what happens if you make a major mistake and accidentally highlight your post while writing, then type something else and in less than a second, BOOM!, that blasted motherfucking AutoSave saves the post with the new "changes", permanently deleting all your hard work.

I just wonder sometimes why I do this. It certainly isn't for money or fame, and I'm under no illusion that I'm changing the world with anything I write or post. Four years of blogging and all I get is heartache. That's right, you unfollowing jerks! I would have well over 500 "followers" by now if no one stopped following, but I've lost the majority of those because of something published here that some statist asshole (of the left or the right; you assholes are all the same to me, and I want no part of your stupid, phony left vs. right games) found "offensive".

Anyway, I'm tired most of the time from working and lack of sleep, and just don't have the energy to blog most of the time. I've got original posts I'm working on or planning, but it takes time and effort to write them, and with very little reward or return (hell, we can't even get many of you useless jerks to post a comment) I don't know anymore why I should continue to bother.

I'm still here for now, but unless something changes soon, like people really appreciating what we do here, I'm seriously considering throwing in the towel. How about you? A blogger's strike?

Now, if you want me to start saying what I really feel, like how I don't shed any tears when the agents of the state (my oppressors, including congresswomen and Federal judges) meet their demise (though I still feel it's wrong to do any violence against them), I will. You won't like it, but at least maybe I'll get a little more notice than usual.


  1. Comments is very much a matter of reciprocity. If you don't reciprocate (that is read others' stuff and leave a comment) ,very few if any followers will leave comments on your blog.

    Don't run so fast! Publishing a post once or twice a week that's Ok; you won't get tired ,and it will give the reader time to absorb the contents and maybe leave a comment.

    You've got some good, interesting videos. I especially like the ones with Gerald Celente.

  2. I guess it depends on your personal outlook...

    In my case I am simply putting things together to go back to later, like a journal that is public.

    Honestly, coming from several of the most petty backstabbing narcissistic industries and political groups known to man - I don’t give a fuck if a single person reads a single word or follow a single link I post.

    I like to have a decent conversation with an open minded intelligent person - narcissistic stupid retards can all go fuck themselves.

  3. Good comments, you two. Thanks! This is one of my periodic rants, and yes, I realize that most people don't have time to leave comments, or don't feel like it. I find myself commenting most on blogs of others who have commented here.

    DUTA, glad you like the videos.

    Radio, yeah, you have a point there. Bret got on me for just posting links to other stuff, but for me, it is kind of a record of things I think are important or interesting, and that I can go back to when I want. Blogging is more of my main hobby, I suppose, so as long as I enjoy it, I'll probably continue (but you never know, I'll tempted all the time to quit).

  4. Nikk you could almost say that Bret would be a good reason to stop posting anything, but in the end who the fuck cares. I find it funny that that particular type of individual gets hired to help my type, we provide the content and the college puke provides the grammar and spelling.

    Just look at the stuff that comes from McCain’s office, nobody is convinced that the releases actually come from that Bushish retard, but McCain gets the glory and money and the ghost writers get a shit job.

  5. Don't let Bret get to you. If we all based on our lives on his approval, I think the sun would explode or something. You can, however, have fun at his expense, which is mildly amusing.

    By the way, is that 500 followers a goal or something?

  6. The best I can come up with is pity... it has to suck to spend all that time providing cash for a bloated college and get out to...

  7. Aww, I don't want to be too hard on Bret, guys. If I really hated him, he wouldn't be here as a contributor. My point was just that he doesn't seem to think I'm really blogging most of the time, or some shit. But I'm not doing this to please anyone, so I don't really care.

    I do think original content is important too, but I think we provide a pretty good atmosphere for discussion here, regardless.

    I'm planning more original stuff, including fiction and regular series, so watch for all that. It IS coming, when I'm not too exhausted to work on it.

  8. By the way, is that 500 followers a goal or something?

    I have absolutely no goals at all for this blog (other than to provide an amusing diversion for myself).

  9. Hey what's going on in here? Oh, pity party. Don't let me interrupt...

    I would never give up blogging, because then I would only have my wife giving me shit all day.

  10. Anybody who says "never" is an idiot.

  11. To answer your question: Many times.

    But Bret keeps me going.

  12. NEVER!!! Even if they have to hook me up to a Stephen Hawking type machine after a horrible jet ski accident. If I stop blogging, I'm dead... and I'm healthy, so you know it was them. You know who I mean... the font style police, who say I over use italics and bold.

  13. Oh, and I do it to keep TC going... it's a vicious cycle.


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