Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jumping to conclusions on the shooting

So I see conservatives are boasting that the Communist Manifesto was listed on the shooter's "favorite books" list (not a peep about Ayn Rand and Adolf Hitler also being in there). Tom DiLorenzo is theorizing--with little evidence--that the shooter was a "left-wing pothead." To which all I can say is: give it up, dude. When you have a guy ranting that his college is unconstitutional, demanding that the nation should be run on the gold standard, warning that the government is "taking over" and shooting a Democratic politician, it seems premature to label him a liberal. Whether he's right or wrong about those things is beside the point.

On the other hand, the idea that we should start blindly praising the federal reserve and government, just because some shit-head went on a killing spree, is ridiculous. It's the equivalent of the "Hitler drank milk" argument: "Hitler loved milk, therefore milk is evil." I own several of the same books on this punk's list and am obviously not going to go on a rampage any time soon.


  1. Hitler drank milk - god damn it now I have to stop eating cheese and having cream in my coffee...

    Next thing you know you are going to tell us that Pol Pot breathed air, if that happens holy crap.

  2. It's a silly debate at this point. It's macabre watching each side try and assign an ideology to a person, who in all probability, was plain, plump mentally disturbed - like Hinkley for all we know.

  3. I haven't seen the left do much of anything in this regards, but I cant' say I read many liberal blogs. The few I have read don't seem to care what his views are. The right got awfully defensive awfully fast, though.


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