Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is Government Attempting Nixonesque Dirty Trick with Loughner?

If you doubt the government is capable of such shameless exploitation, consider the case of Nixon and Arthur Bremer, the man who attempted to kill Alabama governor George Wallace in 1972.

The Nixon tapes reveal a shrewd effort by the president to spin the assassination attempt and make Bremer out to be a Democrat party supporter.

"Put a call in immediately to [White House Deputy Director of Communications Kenneth] Clawson, or somebody [...] to the effect that the first reports of the [Bremer] interrogation [are] that a McGovern/Kennedy person did this. Know what I mean? Rumors are going to flow all over the place. Put it on the left right away," Nixon told his staff. He later instructed his people to say Bremer "was a supporter of McGovern and Kennedy. Now just put that out. Just say you have it on 'unmistakable evidence.'"

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  1. Or like Bush with 9/11, telling people to find a connection to Iraq. Except... you're forgetting that Obama and the Democrats are pussies.


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