Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Sarah Palin Even Got Involved

I was contemplating how Sarah Palin ended up being connected to Jared Lee Loughner this morning, and it’s not exactly that complicated (despite the exasperated confusion of conservatives who are upset that their goddess is being maligned in the media).

Initially, it was pretty simple: Palin (or likely someone in her posse) took down a map that had crosshairs on it and Giffords’ name. Frankly, I don’t know if leaving it up would have made bigger news or if guiltily taking it down was what made people sit up and notice. In any case, this was what some news stories reported during their bloated 24 hour news cycle as we sat waiting to hear any real news of the situation.

After a couple days passed, I thought it was all going to just go away (you didn’t see people vilifying Rush Limbaugh for the “straight shooter” billboard, which was just blocks away from the incident and was probably actually seen by the shooter, as opposed to the Palin map, which we have no idea).

But then Sarah Palin did what Sarah Palin always does: she kicked it into attention whore mode. I can relate. If people were telling me I should shut up, it would probably make me want to talk louder, too. So she issued a prepared speech a few days after the incident… even though no one cares what she has to say (also, I can relate). In a sense, she re-injected herself back into the discussion, and worst of all, she used it as an opportunity to take ridiculous swipes at “liberal Democrats” (a true oxymoron of the highest degree).

In reality, Sarah Palin clearly wants to be associated in all of this. She wants the publicity. She wants the opportunity to be given a stage, yet again, to share with all of us how monumentally dumb she is. She doesn’t want to just move on, she wants things to drag out and for her to continue being the center of attention.

So, to the conservative bloggers out there who have been writing about how people should “leave Palin alone…” she doesn’t want to be left alone. And frankly, I think Democrats want Sarah Palin to be featured prominently, making this the only thing liberals and Sarah Palin agree on. Why would Democrats want Palin to be splashed all over the news? Because she’s the kind of candidate Obama could actually defeat.

[For the record, I think it will be Romney going up against Obama 2012, and I’m not sure, but I suspect Obama would win, assuming Obama is still alive and Republicans can’t get excited about a Mormon.]

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