Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gomer Pyle Break

Three hippies help Gomer "Ginx" Pyle paint a truck for maneuvers, but the results are not standard military camouflage.


  1. Why am I the military guy, shouldn't I be one of the hippies? If you're going to bury something I wrote with non-original content, at least get the allegory right... only one sentence and you still screwed it up. For shame.

  2. Well, Pyle is a screw-up. I did consider naming one of the hippies after you, but Bret "Moondog" Alan didn't seem to have the same ring to it.

    Bury something? What are you talking about? How many of your posts get "buried"? It's not on purpose, I assure you. And this isn't some random "Bret burying" post anyway. It's the first of a new Wed. series...the Gomer Pyle Break.

  3. It's all about whose post is first on the page, they get read the most. You should know by now I'm always going to mutter "conspiracy..." whenever I post something and then something is posted immediately afterwards. It's as automatic as... a tea partier shaking with anger when Obama is speaking. Eh, not my best.

    Okay, maybe I'm bumbling, but I don't have that stupid accent. I sound like them folks on them there TV.


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