Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cost of Bigotry

How much money do you think it cost the US government to kick gay soldiers out of the military between 2004 and 2009?

A) $25 million
B) $40 million
C) $60 million
D) $75 million

The answer?

E) All of the above

It cost the US government $200 million to kick 3,664 gay soldiers out of the military over the course of just 6 years, at an average cost of $52,800 per recruit.

And just think, if we hadn’t kicked them out, we could have dropped at least a few dozen more bombs on innocent civilians.


  1. I will ask this until I'm blue in the face: What possible difference does it make what the sexual orientation of a soldier is?

    I would like to think that we've come farther than that, but ...

  2. KLo, don't you realize they'll stare at my junk in the shower? The gays should have different bathrooms, and drinking fountains while we're at it, so I don't catch AIDS. I would say they should also sit in the back of the bus... but I think I speak for every American when I point out how uncomfortable I am knowing a gay is behind me.



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