Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where Everything Is Free

There's no such thing as a free lunch? Who said so? How about the air you breath? The...hmmm, OK, so the air is free and so are some things at...The Free Store!

The LAfreestore is a place where people can give and swap by donating and taking. Yes taking. We can take what we need. We give what we cannot use. Give freely. Take without guilt. Share with your neighbor. Simple.

At the LAfreestore we share goods for goods, goods for services, or smiles for smiles. We give to those who may simply need a new sweater or jacket because they are cold or share our bountiful vegetables from our garden because it is a nice thing to do.

There's one unique store in Los Angeles where everything is free. Seriously. Absolutely free. The LA Free Store is a pop-up event where people can come together to give, take, share, swap, and learn.

"In essence," explains the LA Free Store, their goal is "to build community and to provide an alternative to mainstream capitalism. This requires Volunteerism. Friendships. Swapping. Donations. Giving. Sharing. And lots of smiles!" So, yes, you can, in fact, trade a goofy grin for a sweater, some records, or a bag full of just-picked garden veggies.-Everything is Free at One L.A. Shop


  1. Bartershops's not free, though. it just doesn't require cashy money.

  2. True, Drackar. Barter will become more and more popular (certainly more so than it is now) as the economy worsens and inflation takes hold.

  3. We need a lot more of this kind of thing.

    "Alternative to mainstream capitalism". I like it!

  4. I'm confused. I thought SE and Nikk J were the same person?

  5. T.C., dammit! Don't blow my cover!

  6. T.C, are you familiar with The New Republic and its long-running TRB column? That's the concept behind "SE". SE is anonymous and could be anyone, even you! Are you SE, T.C. (you've got the two letters thing down already) or, more importantly, would you want to be?

  7. I don't know myself anymore. I look in the mirror and all I see is Windex residue.


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