Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Republican Wins Make War With Iran More Likely

"They’re still fighting an enemy that doesn’t exist, an enemy they believe is attacking us because we have elections, women in the work place, because we drink beer and watch R-rated movies. Until they understand we’re being attacked because of our foreign policy and what we do in the Muslim world, we’re never going to understand the motivation and size of the enemy"-Michael Scheuer

Results of the midterm elections make a war with Iran more likely, says Michael Scheuer, a counterterrorism expert who spent more than 20 years working for the CIA.


“On Iran, there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans,” he tells Newsmax.TV. “They’re very comfortable with the idea that a foreign leader like [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu can take 300 million Americans to war whenever he wants.”

In Scheuer’s view, “The election was a disaster in terms of increasing the chances of another war that we don’t have the resources to fight, and we won’t have the will to win.”-Terror Expert: War With Iran More Likely to Happen

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