Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Occam's Razor

via The Commentator, who by the way is under some strange delusion that me and Nick J are the same person, when obviously the simplest explanation is that we are two different people.

Personally I have my own theory about the guy who is currently running the show over at that rival blog. He now calls himself "T.C.", as if he (it?) thinks he can fool a clever amateur detective such as myself. You'll notice that "T.C." is oddly similar to "E.T." even including those periods. I go by "SE", so sensibly he should be "TC", but no! He's giving us a clue as to his true identity. The original Commentator (in my educated conjecture) was abducted by aliens while protesting government licensing laws (perhaps those aliens were working with the government of Canada to silence him) and replaced by an extraterrestrial entity calling itself "T.C." It all becomes clear and the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place!

Now, some might point out that the blog The Commentator is as anti-government as ever, but naturally the alien can't reveal itself too soon; that would give it away. No, it has to play along until one day, slowly but surely, it emerges as a pro-state alien troll and starts agreeing with Bret Alan that local governments have the right to ban toys in fast food kid's meals!

Yes, I think William of Ockham would be proud of my use of his "razor", since my theory above is the only one that explains all the known facts in the simplest way possible.

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