Friday, November 12, 2010

News and Notes: SE Tonight!

It looks like SE will be in the house tonight, blogging away for your SE enjoyment! Yes, that's right, SE! I'm actually thinking SE Tonight is a good name for a late night feature at the blog, but what? Maybe SE him/her (it's a mystery) self will come up with an idea.

So look for SE tonight, and I'll return tomorrow with some more anti-Ginxist truth!

I hope to hell SE doesn't me let down...

On another note, some of your favorite Bret Alan series will continue under new authorship. I can't remember all of them, but I'll look them up. I know there was Real or Fake,  for one, also Stump the Christians (and there will be added to the lineup another stump post Stump the Statists), but I don't know about continuing other series I recall, like Bret's Bullshit and Anarchy Is Violent Theocracy.  Oh, well, we can't have everything, can we?

One final note. As some of you may have heard, Bret "Ginx" Alan has moved on, after the shortest time ever for an SE contributor. We can't we're happy or sad about this development, because we aren't either one. What we are is joyful that one more statist has thrown in the towel, unable to handle anarchist arguments. But, we need a replacement for Bret, and I don't mean that literally, so no Ginx clones, please. But if anyone serious who is also a self-described anarchist would like to become a contributor here at Skeptical Eye, leave a comment or email me, Nikk J (you'll find my email address at my Blogger profile, link located at the upper right sidebar).

I good you bid evening!

UPDATE: Saturday morning and no posts last night from SE! Unreliable bastard! Where is SE anyway? Also, there's no one out there that feels they can fill the tiny little shoes of Bret? Come on, how hard can that be? We did hear from Dennis Markuze, apparently, but he's already spread too thin and has little time between his endless masturbating and spamming every blog and forum under the sun, moon and stars, so I had to turn him down.

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