Saturday, November 13, 2010

Libertarian, Conservative or Anarchist Contributor Wanted

Okay, we'll expand our criteria this time (and none of this, of course, affects current contributors, who are naturally grandfathered in, whatever they may be) and include non-anarchist libertarians and conservatives. You may wonder why I do include "conservatives" as SE is anything but, and I'll answer by saying that much of what is considered  "conservative" in modern America is really liberalism in the classical sense. That's why there has always been a (strained) alliance between libertarians and conservatives; they have many things in common. I'm more on the left, but then, I mean the true left, historically understood. I don't expect too many traditional conservatives would want to post here (and we probably wouldn't want you to either), but if you're more of a paleoconservative, you'd be welcome.

We are looking for those who would like to post at least a few times per week, if not more often, but that isn't a necessary requirement.

So, if you'd like to be a contributor and post here, leave a comment or respond with an email (look mine up under the Nikk J profile linked to your right). In the email, just let me know that you're responding to this post. There is no payment involved, by the way, just the chance to reach a wider audience with your profound wisdom.

We will have a limited number of contributors that we'll add, so keep that in  mind.


  1. Y'all are free to use anything I post at either of my two blogs. Bret will probably enjoy mocking me from a position of ___________.

  2. PS: I'm not sure what label you'd give me... not really a fan of Paul Pere et Fils, nor of Ayn Rand. Not really a "conservative" in modern American parlance. Probably mostly an anarchist, but from the perspective of realizing that anarchy has limitations when one tries to use it as a theme of social organization in a country that is huge and is used to centralized authority at national, state and local levels.

  3. Thanks, Charles. Do you want to post or cross-post things and become a contributor? Or are you just giving permission to repost your writing here? Either way is fine with me, and I appreciate it, but if you want to see your name right there where Bret's used to be, let me know.

  4. About getting masthead credit, Nikk -- I'd leave that decision up to you. I say this because I might sometimes post things that offend people you wish to not offend. I'm a pretty offensive person. Heh heh heh. I don't want to drag down your site by a nefarious affiliation with that rotten bastard Chuckles "the Clown" Oxtrot. He has far more enemies than friends, you know.

  5. Charles, I would need your email address to invite you as a regular contributor. You can send it to me, if you wish, at wonderlandtoo [at]

    And I'm way past worrying about this blog offending people.



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