Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cuts To Social Security & Medicare Coming?

There is already a cut in Social Security benefits under the all-merciful, all-compassionate Obama, in the form of another announcement that there will be no cost of living increase for yet another year for recipients in 2011, a year when those on fixed-incomes will need it most, due to the coming inflation courtesy of the Federal Reserve. When your income doesn't keep up with inflation, it amounts to a cut. Thanks President Obama! (I'm sure all the President's "liberal" supporters would show the same lack of outrage if George Bush was still President).


  1. When you trust in the government, you get boned. Social Security is welfare, not an investment, as the Supreme Court itself has proven:

  2. Social Security was always a ponzi scheme...

    With the Military Industrial complex running full tilt, and almost endless programs too many to list this vote buying scheme is going to collapse...


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