Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chicken Soup?

The Commentator just posted about not feeling well, so I was inspired to write this little filler post. I love filler posts because they're so easy, and because they also help confirm Bret "Ginx" Alan's opinion that I'm a lazy bastard. Good, Bret, keep thinking that, but pretty soon I'll be blogging rings around you!

I was going to post today about not feeling well; I write such a post every few months, it seems. I use it as an excuse for my lack of blogging sometimes, too.

Question: Does chicken soup help when you're not feeling well, or is it just good for the soul?

My girlfriend is a vegetarian, but she can make homemade chicken soup. She also once ate a turkey sandwich that a take-out place made her by mistake (she had ordered a veggie sandwich) but she still ate half of it because she didn't want to waste it. She said it made her sick, though. Then she gave me the other half to eat.

1 comment:

  1. Is there empirical evidence soup helps? Bope.

    Either way, soup is my favorite meal. I can eat a bowl of soup every single damn day.


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