Monday, November 15, 2010


Herpes, the Terminator, and Bret Alan…

Things that will be back.


  1. Oh, will you fucking make up your mind already.

  2. At least I didn't go blog for the Jets or Vikings.

  3. T.C., I'm going with the "it was all a publicity stunt" angle.

  4. If you guys don't quit mocking me, I'll kill myself... at 9pm EST on November 31st, live on Skeptical Eye!

  5. Blog bullies!

    SE, we should be careful. Cops may come knock our doors down.

  6. God... can someone tell gay high schoolers to stop sending me e-mail telling me that it gets better?

    You live in America, fags: it really isn't going to get better for decades, and history suggests it might take a war.


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