Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is Thanksgiving?

The comments at YouTube for the above video included some "politically correct" ones like the following:

It's "about thanking the countless indians that we raped and murdered, and also stole from. we destroyed this continent with our so called 'civilization' and sky scrapers and pollutants. and we just sit back, stuff our mouths and laugh with each other about it."

I suppose I should have a positive attitude to such attitudes, but I have a visceral reaction to what I perceive to be knee-jerk "anti-white" leftism. As if things were all hunky-dory before the Europeans arrived in North America. And I say this having moved quite far to the "left" myself (or at least coming to believe that my views naturally fall on the left side of the political spectrum) and while recognizing that Thanksgiving is a state created "holiday" designed to evoke government worship.

But on a more basic level, how often do people think of it that way? For most it's just a time to get together with family and friends and enjoy a great meal and it's sometimes the only time during the year that a whole family is together at the dinner table. So that's what I celebrate today, millions of Americans getting together and eating themselves into a stupor while watching parades and football games, with the women (no, I'm not being sexist, but at every Thanksgiving feast I've been to, both within and without my own family, it seems that the females carried the burden of preparing the food) wondering afterward why they spent hours preparing a meal that was then consumed in twenty minutes or less.


  1. I love Thanksgiving. Hell, I even love Christmas, despite being an atheist!

  2. Christmas is a great holiday and my favorite. It is both a religious and a secular holiday, and I don't want anyone, Christian or atheist, telling anyone they can't celebrate it in any way they want.

    So keep on loving Christmas (and Thanksgiving). They belong to all of us, even atheists.

  3. The native tribes killed off dozens of species of megafuana, without the aid of white people or gunpowder. My favorite practice of the native tribes was when they would run packs of buffalo off of cliffs. Then they would cherry-pick the parts they wanted and left the majority of the animals to rot, many untouched.

    White people, red people... it's really just people. And it's not that we're a "problem," we're just destructive because that is the nature of consumption. Until we figure out a way to eat something without killing anything in the process, be it animal or vegetable, we're pretty much stuck "raping" the land, I suppose.

    Get on it, hippies! Figure out a way to subsist on sun beams alone.

    Also, I too love the pagan holiday of Yuletide/Saturnalia/Christmas. What is up with atheists who don't like presents? Maybe they didn't get that Malibu Stacey doll they wanted so bad...


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