Saturday, November 7, 2009

Was Judas Iscariot a Legendary Figure?

I consider Judas Iscariot a legendary figure, more fiction than fact, simply because all we do know is that he maybe was an Apostle to Jesus Christ. Historically speaking we do not know whether he truly betrayed Christ or not. The Bible may say he did, but here is where part of the problem lies. The Bible isn’t always internally reliable and should not be trusted as the definitive word without further investigation of the uncovered evidence. So let us look at what some of the evidence is and what it reveals about the Judas figure of Christian storytelling traditions. As we shall see, these added insights will also prove that Judas Iscariot is a fictional character, at the very least a legendary figure without historical ties.

The Judas Enigma: Legendary Fiction and the Unbelievability of Judas Iscariot

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  1. Historically speaking, we don't even know if Jesus existed, which leads me to believe he didn't.

    When the NT was actually written, Jews were not in vogue but Romans were feared. It was easier to blame Jews rather Romans when writing the story because it was the Romans who were a threat to the early Christians, and inevitably it was the Romans who were mostly converted as Christianity usurped much of the Mithran story and made it part of Jesus'.

  2. After studying the gnostic sects, it's my opinion that Judas was probably Jesus' closest apostle (yes, assuming either existed). Judas was essentially the treasurer of Jesus' ministry, and Judas is hinted at as being Jesus' favorite.

    It is very likely that Judas was lampooned by the other apostolic lines because his message (as written in the extant verses of the Gospel of Judas) was vastly different and anti-authoritarian.

    Judas' name is rarely mentioned in the 4 canonical gospels without the attached epithet "betrayer of Jesus." It is likely all an ancient smear campaign.

  3. Oh also, forgot to mention: the Gospel of Judas claims Jesus asked Judas to turn him in, in order to spur the events which followed.

    It makes sense in a way, because Christianity wouldn't exist without Judas' actions.


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