Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Idiot writes a book. So what else is new?

Am I the only one who gags whenever I see an ad for the new book by "Sarah Palin" (ie, her ghostwriter)? The conservative movement in this country is so unbearably stupid that they're actually willing to pay money for this garbage.

And what's with that ridiculous title? Going Rogue.

I like my title better: Perpetuating the status quo for the benefit of the rich and powerful, albeit in a more stupid fashion. What will John McCain's title be when he writes a book? Memoirs of a senile war criminal who should have got what was coming to him would get my vote.

Awwww. Am I being mean to poor old Palin? God forbid anyone criticize a candidate for Vice President!

I hope this idiot runs for prez, because it will finally finish off the ridiculous Republican party once and for all.


  1. Amen brother.

    When McCain first picked her I was open minded. Well at least as open minded as I ever get about the sort of puppets the major parties shove at us. However every time she opened her mouth I liked her less and less. When she quit as governor I realized that this is the stupidest bitch in politics.

    Anyway here's hoping the Dems and Repugs finish themselves off soon. I actually am a little worried about what abomination might replace them if they did but really how much worse could it be? Even if we get the Commies and the Fascists it would just be "meet the new boss."

    With a little luck we might even get something better or hopefully several something betters.

    A half dozen viable and competative parties might actually restore some semblance of representation to the process.

  2. I'm like, totally gone rogue, all the *hockey moms* in this great nation know that.

    (has horrible flashback)

    Remember "I'm a *Maverick*?"

  3. I think they'll call Obama's book, "Just White Enough."

  4. Wait, he wrote two already... damnit. The next one, then.


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