Friday, November 13, 2009

This is not a post

Please don't read this, for this is not a post. I can't post post right now, to much going on, too...tired to even spell the word "too" right. I get home late from work, in a job with lots of pressure to produce, and just want to sleep, or at most watch some TV for a few minutes. For the first time in years I'm watching that stupid Survivor again on Thurs. nights, waiting to see when Russell finally goes (saved by an "immunity idol" last night, to the apparent shock of those who otherwise would have successfully voted him off).

A true Southern gentleman left his employment with the company I work for, the other day was his last, and I found myself down about it, for he was quite the character and a genuine "what you see is what you get" kind of guy, unafraid to speak his mind (getting him in hot water often with the management) and kind to a fault, to everyone, but in particular to his fellow wage slaves. He's off to new adventures with his wife, moving to another state, where he'll be called Tex once again, and irritate the powers that be there as well, I'm sure.

When I'm by myself, and seemingly have the time, I know I'm going to blog like mad. I have ideas for real posts with my own thoughts, stunning in their brilliance, that somehow never get written, and the mad furious blogging, with ten posts a day flying from my typing fingers, never, sadly, materializing.

It's always something I have to do that I let get in the way, if not the night before, then the next morning, when I have to get up and do things even before going into another day at the job... all the time in the world never seems to be enough, and I find myself wanting to get off the damn...

This is not a post. Perhaps tomorrow, or even later today (though who knows, I'm up very early for Saturday shift at work, and work late Friday nights) there will be a post from me. And I have no more idea than you do what it will be about.

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  1. This is not a comment:

    This season of Survivor doesn't bother me too much. I think that Russell might win it. Figures, he's already a millionaire.

    Sorry to hear about your co-worker leaving. I hope that he will keep in touch with you.

    Happy weekend!


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