Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the subject of political parties.

I had just finished responding to Cork's post about Sarah Palin. I had said that having more political parties would add some semblance of representation to the process. While I do believe this is true I was thinking that what would be best would be to have no official political parties at all. Sure private groups who want to organize would be fine but nothing with any official status or government recognition.

I was thinking all of this and clicking around and I found This

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The serendipity of it impressed me so much I had to post it.


  1. I don't like political parties either, but I question the logic. I could make one with Jefferson and write under it "Slavery/He didn't seem to have a problem with it."

    Putting the founding fathers up almost as gods to be listened to or else... that doesn't seem very wise.

    Regarding parties themselves... I wish we didn't have them. The problem, of course, is that people will be people. The world might be better off if political parties could be eradicated, but then again we'd be better off without gangs or any number of other organizations people group themselves into in order to get more done than they could individually.

    If anything, it would be nice if the parties didn't control the elections to the point of shutting non-Dems/Reps out of debates. I think outlawing them would be counter-philosophical for the Libertarian crowd in general.

  2. Saying George Washington had a good idea that we might have been wise to consider is hardly "putting him up almost as a God."

    As to political parties, I have no reason to say they shouldn't exist as private associations. You are correct they would likely form regardless. My problem is giving the formal recognition, official position, and government support. We can't and shouldn't interfere with free association and political speech. However we should not give these private groups powers and license to which they have no right.

  3. So what laws have to change in order for additional parties to enter the arena? Would it merely take the support of enough people to warrant TV coverage?

  4. I think removing all official standing, recognition and financial support for any political parties would help and is the best course of action regardless.

    As to what would really help, you summed it up pretty well. Enough support to warrant TV coverage. Also some charismatic and dynamic candidates.

    Sadly democracy is basically government of the lowest common denominator. The power doesn't go to who has the best ideas or who would run things most efficiently. It goes to those who get the most votes.

    This means attracting those who don't want to think beyond whatever their television, talk radio messiah, or preacher tells them to do.


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