Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Private Nudity A Crime?

Yes, it is possible to be arrested for being naked in your own home. You'd think the cops (supposedly there to "protect and serve" and catch real crooks) would have something better to do between donut breaks than responding to a call about private exposure of private parts. I can understand completely the guy in question wanting the total freedom of total nakedness when no one else is around. It's something I've often found myself doing when I have a whole house or apartment to myself, though I usually only find myself in a clothing-free state during the summer months.

So, the man is seen having his morning coffee while wearing his birthday suit by a crazed "there oughta be a law" woman who then calls the police on him. I mean, you should never really consider calling the cops under any circumstances, but for this? This reveals once again that the State and its evil agents (the pigs that came to the poor man's house arrested him!) are not the only ones to watch out for or to despise. If not for lunatic pro-government sickos like the woman whose first instinct was to sic the Gestapo on a harmless fellow human being (I would have said fellow "citizen", but I now believe that term is just a statist fiction), the state could not exist and continue its oppression.

Every person who reacts with hostility or tried "arguments" when they're presented with anarchist views is therefore the enemy of liberty and a larger part of the problem than the clowns wearing the state's uniforms.

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  2. Not only did the cops arrest the man for being naked in his own home, but the only way the woman could have seen him is if she were trespassing on his property. Which she was. And the cops failed to arrest her for that.

  3. "I mean, you should never really consider calling the cops under any circumstances..."

    Really? What action movie are you stuck living in?

    I side with you on this, but I know that the police are called about all kinds of stupid things which they often ignore as annoying complaints between individuals. Obviously if a million stupid complaints come in, at least one will be acted upon.

    This really has little to do with "the State" [Capital S? Really?]. This is more an indictment of this complainer and the police who responded. Do the follow up when a jury of his peers laugh this out of court.

  4. One interesting thing you forgot to point out: the woman who reported the crime was the wife of a cop. That's probably why this was acted upon rather than dismissed like most petty complaints.

    Another problem is the claim that the man moved in order to remain in view longer. I don't know if this should even matter, though, as it was indeed his property.

    What I find most interesting is that if the man who was arrested had been a woman, and the trespasser had been a man, the person in the house might have called the cops about a peeping tom.

  5. the person in the house might have called the cops about a peeping tom.

    Exactly! And in this case the woman who called the cops should have been arrested for being a peeping Tomasina.


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