Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Post Or Not To Post...

...that is sometimes the question. And so it was for me the last couple of days. I chose, for my own very personal reasons, not to blog or post about anything. Not even a video that I could have easily searched for, or the regular Music Monday post started a few weeks back. Why?

Well, in the worst of times blogging can be therapy of sorts, but it can also be an empty, pointless thing, as when your whole world might be crashing down around you and the utter inconsequentialness of maintaining a blog becomes apparent. How do you blog, for example, when the person you love most in the entire world is sick and in the hospital? I don't write much about certain people in my life, or if I do, it is only with the most minor of mentions. My girlfriend falls into this category. Our life is a private thing, and I prefer keeping it that way. When I do post personal stories, she is never in them, and that's deliberate on my part. I might write about Mom and Dad, or people (disguised somewhat) I work with on the job, but I'm limited in what I feel I can or should write about my private life with her.

But she fell ill recently with a bad case of the flu, and though they released her from the hospital this morning, where she spent the last four days, she is still recovering and in need of rest. And she is the most important thing in the world to me, everything else is a distant second. I've come to realize that I can never take anything for granted, and that I'm still human, and not a robotic wage slave, (or blogger) or anything but a simple person who is more grateful than anyone could ever be to have someone to share the travails of this temporary vail of tears with.

All my complaints about life and work and struggling to even have the necessary money to pay the rent every month have melted away. Oh, I'm sure they'll return, but perhaps, if I keep things in perspective, when they do come again, they'll be dressed in a more colorful wardrobe, one that reminds me that behind every trouble there is something called life, and that that is something worth having and treasuring, and that to be trouble free is to not be at all.

I'm a very lucky guy.

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  1. No worries. If I were in your shoes, I would be doing the same thing. Some things are waaayy more important than blogging.


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