Sunday, November 1, 2009

Employees, The Joke's On You

I was at a bookstore and saw, sitting on the magazine rack, what at first appeared to be a strange notice to that very store's employees. Was it a warning for the bookstore's workers to avoid browsing the magazines on their breaks? A notice to keep their filthy worker's hands off the periodicals unless they were handling them as part of the job? No.

Upon closer examination I found that it was just a joke, for sale for $2.99; a "fake" sign reading as follows:

Employee Notice

Due to increased competition, cost escalation and our keen desire to stay in business, management has deemed necessary a change to your terms of employment.

It will now be compulsory to do something called work in between lunch breaks, coffee breaks, tea breaks, smoking breaks and bathroom breaks etc...

Management intends to call this the WORK BREAK!

Yeah, employees are all just a bunch of lazy good for nothing slackers. How dare they take breaks! Go to the bathroom? Hold it in and ruin your kidneys, you low-life wage-slave! Coffee, smokes, tea? Don't make me laugh, those are all just excuses to get out of doing your job.

This is the not so subtle corporate propaganda that permeates everything in this rotten society. That ordinary workers are not willing to work and in fact don't really work unless their game-playing, ladder-climbing, hierarchy defending, scumbag bosses are constantly whipping them into shape, threatening them with termination if they don't kill themselves for a few measly dollars.

The poor souls that actually are forced to sell their labor in order not to starve to death or end up sleeping in their cars are the problem, not the fat cats pulling down millions a year in compensation. Real wages for workers have stayed stagnate or declined in the last 30 years, while during the same period CEO pay has increased by at least TEN times. But it's ordinary Joe that needs to tow the line. Yeah, sure.


  1. I like that we now have a wage-slavery tag. ;)

    Private institutions have grown increasingly state-like in their passion for pushing people around and screwing them over. And it looks like we're both growing increasingly sick of it.

  2. Well, I rant sometimes because I know how hard I work at my job, and how hard most of my co-workers do also. Plus, in this economy, we are always worried about being let go, and we know how hard it can be to find another job right now.

    I still hate the state much more than private company bosses, though!

    By the way, on that "tag" thing, there is now apparently a limit of 2000 labels that Blogger will allow. I've been to a couple of blogs that reached the limit and even one that started a whole new blog because of it.

    But, really, I think 2000 categories should be sufficient. If we start to run out someday, Cork, we'll just have to use existing tags for posts, I guess.


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