Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Ode to Democracy

Hat tip: Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

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  1. A couple of things. First, that girl was HOT around 3:20 mark. What is it with "conservative" girls like Prejean and that hottie? Ooo-nellie.

    Second, was that guy in the Steelers coat drunk?

    Third, it really speaks to Palin's conservatism being more like populism.

    Fourth, it's easy for us to laugh - and boy did I giggle like my four-year old - but I noticed most of those people held books in their hands. At least they're reading even though they can't articulate what they're feeling - the sample "New Left Media' showed anyway.

    Put it to you this way, we're always told how Obama "galvanizes" people to be engaged. It doesn't matter what they're saying as long as they partake in the national discourse. Lord knows there are a shitload of douches on the left side of the equation. Palin has had a similar effect on the right yet we're made to believe they're all a bunch of red necks?

    I smell a double standard here.

    Penn and Teller does similar things with the cam. It's amazing what you come up with armed with a mic.


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