Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stones or Zeppelin?

I've been in rock and roll all my life and I'm well aware that The Rolling Stones have been called the best rock and roll band. Don't get me wrong because I love Mick and the Stones, and the Beatles were my major musical influence, but here's why I think that Led Zeppelin is the best rock and roll band of all time:

Led Zeppelin is the #1 Rock and Roll Band of All Time


  1. That's Easy: Zep. THe stones are the monkees by comparison.

  2. Zep is TOTALLY the best. Whether you break it down by bandmember or look at them as a whole, it's no contest. Led Zep rules.

    I'm new here--found you following my impeachment bloggy; thanks, and I'm happy to be here.

  3. Sorry. Great as each are...come on.


  4. Neither the Stones nor the Beatles have the Chops of Zep. Although if you want chops, listen to Yes, Rush, or ELP. THe Dixie Dregs are pretty good too.

  5. Hey, all fine bands. Rush I've seen live a couple of times and it still baffles me how just three guys can make so much powerful music.

    BUT, none are in the class of The Beatles.

    To me the argument is between The Stones, Zeppelin and The Beatles. Maybe The Who.


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