Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Food: Make Mayo-Hem

Back in May I posted a video on how to make your own mayo. Today, to celebrate the return of our Sunday Food feature, we proudly welcome mayonnaise to Skeptical Eye again!

One day, thinking my sandwiches need more excitment than mere mayo could give them, I decided to look into to the wild, untamed taste of Miracle Whip and discovered I'm not a big fan. I hadn't had it in quite a while and the jar of the stuff (I really don't know what it is, so "stuff" is a good description) I purchased a few months back still sits in my fridge with only a few spoonfuls missing.

Here's a interesting fact about mayo itself and food safety: [Mayonnaise] has quite a low pH, so is inhospitable for bacteria. Mayonnaise is rarely the culprit in food-borne illness cases: it's much more likely to be the potatoes or pasta in the picnic salads causing problems!

I found the above mayo fact at this recipe for Making Mayonnaise.

For those concerned about the risk in using raw eggs in anything, there are pasteurized in-the-shell eggs, available in some locations (though I don't think I've ever seen them at any market I shop at).

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