Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank a soldier...for murdering, raping and torturing women and children

A (somewhat distant) friend on Facebook just "invited" me to "thank a soldier." I'm tempted to respond, "For what? Being a criminal?"

Refuse to serve and then I'll be happy to thank you.


  1. Usually the pro-state trolls want you to thank the troops for "defending our freedom", or something equally nonsensical. As if all the wars of aggression the U.S. launches have anything to do with defending the people of the United States from foreign enemies.

    We lost in Vietnam, and yet, by the pro-state troll definition, we are still "free". But if the troops were "defending our freedom" in Vietnam, why aren't we communist slaves today, since we lost that war? What exactly were they defending us against?

    Curious, isn't it.

    If the U.S. military was truly a defensive force, with the sole duty of defending U.S. territory from invasion and nothing else, those who want sane, non-brainwashed folk to "thank a solider" might (but only barely) have a point.

  2. I sometimes say that if anything we ought to apologise to (the majority of good) soldiers, since we allowed our governments to create wars based on deception which would not have happened had the public not fallen for it.


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