Saturday, November 28, 2009

Five Reasons NOT to Become a Vegan


  1. I'll never understand where the honor is in killing and eating the only truly innocent living things on earth: vegetables. They get their nutrients from the sun and long dead material in the soil, not hurting anyone, minding their own business.

    I think people who eat meat should be allowed to eat vegans.

  2. I advise you to go to a slaughterhouse, then make an informed decision from there. Animals have an intricate nervous system, and the pain they feel when someone stabs and butchers them is the same when someone stabs and butchers you or your children. If you stab and butcher someone (directly or indirectly), what goes around, comes around. Please open your heart and hear the cries of the animals. You will be blessed manifold.

  3. Pain is just an electrical signal.

  4. Point one is a strawman, the most common baseline used by vegans is sentience. Some utilitarians will give extra weight to self awareness but the baseline is sentience.
    As for there being nothing to back up the idea of emotions in chickens, it's simply false. You could say there have been some studies but that you disagree with them for A, B, & C reasons but you simply ignored the mere existence of any studies or evidence. Searching pubmed with various term brought up various results. Chicks are actually commonly used is some anxiety/depression research (search chick depression model). Here is one example of a study that was reported widely.


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