Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make Your Own Mayo

video via LRC Blog

Mayonnaise is basically just vegetable oil and eggs (or, more specifically, egg yolks) and maybe a few other ingredients. It's really very simple. I just buy the Walmart brand, although last week, when I ran out, I bought Kraft, because it was on sale. I use it mostly for sandwiches and to mix in tuna or chicken for tuna or chicken salad which will then become a sandwich when the slices of whole wheat bread (usually) are added, or, sometimes, I'll have the tuna or chicken just with crackers.

I've been buying bologna recently and tried making a sandwich with it with only mustard added. That was a mistake! It needs mayo. I can't eat a cold cuts sandwich without mayonnaise. Will I attempt to make my own? Don't bet on it, though the video makes it look pretty easy. I'm sure I wouldn't have a taste for just mayo alone spread on a slice of bread, though.

I have a friend that mixes deviled ham with mayonnaise. I have to say I've never done that in my life, and in fact, have stopped buying deviled ham completely as I can't justify paying that much for one little can.


  1. Mayo is magic. I've always heard about making it yourself, but I'm too lazy and bad of a cook to try it myself.

  2. I'm very indifferent to brands as a rule, but absolutely insist on Hellman's. There is no other mayo out there anywhere (including Hellman's Light & other variations) that will allow you to take the excess off the spoon straight-up and not shiver with revulsion.

    I may try making my own one day, just to see if I can figure out how Hellman's does it.

  3. It’s hard to respect the French when you have to bail them out of two big ones in one century. But we have to hand it to them for mayonnaise. Nice job, Pierre.

  4. My sandwich says, "Vive la France!"

  5. Volly, I know there are many people who will only use Hellman's (labeled as Best Foods in the western U.S.), and I do buy it sometimes, but I can use almost any brand except "light", "reduced fat" and other mayonnaise abominations.


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