Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Are All the Planets Round?

A string of straw man arguments from a typical ignorant religious fool, hilariously illustrated by PiratedLogic.

From Dead Ryks Underground


  1. After watching that, I sort of disagree: That seems to be an exceptionally ignorant religious fool.

  2. Thanks for the re-post. I enjoy your blog I think I will follow. You have an interesting assortment of topics.

  3. That seems to be an exceptionally ignorant religious fool.You're right, I shouldn't lump the regular fools in with the exceptional ones. There are degrees of ignorant religiosity.

  4. Ryk, you're welcome. Great video!

    Thanks for following. I just write about and post things that interest me, and sometimes that leads to very diverse subjects.

  5. guys, in all your brilliance, you've jumped over just a few issues with the gravity explanation...well, google which is faster and stronger (gravity or Electromagnetism - light), and u will find that gravity is stronger by far...and faster by far...then a consideration: Why does light reflect or comes from these bodies if gravity should be keeping that light trapped there??


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