Saturday, May 16, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenphony

Schwarzenegger is a big phony. He pretended to be a conservative, just enough to snooker the state’s Republicans. That’s not hard to do given the state of the GOP in California. He tried governing as a fiscal conservative, but then when his reform initiatives failed at the polls, he did a 180 and became an advocate for all the things he used to criticize. Now everyone dislkes him. That’s usually what happens when officials try desperately to be loved. They end up unloved and lonely. It’s far better to stick with one’s principles. Perhaps Arnold, the star in a great American rags-to-riches story actually, will go down in history as an unprincipled opportunist who promised to save us but ended up pushing the state over a cliff.

Arnold throws a hissy fit

I always wondered why Arnold ran for governator. He obviously wanted to conquer something new, and politics certainly would seem like a logical next step. But he is prevented by the US Constitution from running for the highest office, which most ambitious politicians usually have as a potential goal in the back of their minds (and Schwarzenegger has imagined himself in the Oval Office), and if you're Arnold, that has to be your ultimate conquest. But there are other more useful fields he could have pursued (though perhaps not as ego enhancing as political office) and if he had no interest in something else, he would have been better off sticking to the movies.


  1. Governator. Ha ha ha! That's great!

    Now could you tell us what you really think of him?

    Great blog :)

  2. Hey Super Groovy (why does the word "groovy" always remind me of The Brady Bunch), I like your blog. Thanks for the nice comment.

    As for Arnold, well, let's just say I enjoyed his work more when he was an "actor", although honestly, both actors and politicians can be classified as professional liars.


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