Monday, May 25, 2009

Support the Empire Day

Yes, support the U.S. Empire and its endless, unjustified, murderous wars. That's what you do each and every time you spout inane phrases about the "sacrifice" of our "heroes" and how those wearing the uniform of the Almighty State have somehow "protected our freedom" by killing foreigners (including uncounted numbers of children).

This morning, I turned on the television and caught a bit of CNN, which is supposed to be a news channel, but in reality is a "news" channel, in other words, not much more than an organ of statist propaganda (typical of mainstream media, by the way, which is why those involved with it hate the internet so much). The brain dead news reader, someone named Heidi Collins, then proceeded to announce the government's "moment of silence", scheduled for 3pm today, and then dear Heidi, who no doubt views herself as some kind of journalist, went on to proclaim that our Dear Leader wants this moment so we can "remember what Memorial Day is really all about".

It went on and on from there, with a segment on "honoring those in current wars", the words spread across the screen in large letters, with the government spokesperson Heidi telling us that "they sacrifice so much for us...".

While interviewing a couple of "heroes", servant of the State Heidi said "Thank you so much for your service." Actually, Ms. Collins, those who "serve" make the Evil Empire possible, for without them and their "service" it couldn't exist, so they deserve only dishonor, if anything.

I couldn't take anymore, so I actually had to turn to the Obama News Network, otherwise known as MSNBC, for some relief from the endless pro-war (what else can you call it?) propaganda from CNN GNN (the Government News Network).

Harry Browne On All Those Significant Days:

• Labor Day, when we pretend to care about other people’s jobs while frolicking at the beach.

• Election Day, when we pretend we’re making a difference by voting.

• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Susan B. Anthony Day, when we pretend to be politically correct.

• Memorial Day, when we pretend that we live in a free country because of all the people who were killed in the government’s senseless wars.

• Flag Day, when we pretend the government is America.

• Veterans Day (formerly Armistice Day, when we pretended that World War I made the world safe for democracy).

• National Teachers Day, when we pretend our children are getting an education.

• Earth Day, when we pretend that making the government more powerful will make the environment cleaner.

• United Nations Day, when we pretend to believe all those inane statements about world peace.

Pay No Attention to This Day

h/t to LRC Blog

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