Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sunday Post

I was going to write a post called Rejected Post Ideas, but I couldn't get up the energy. So this is going to be instead the generic Sunday post.

I dreamed of ants last night, probably because the Argentine invaders have come back in force, one of their scouting number appearing wherever I happen to be, or where ever my food happens to be. I set my finished plate on the floor (I was watching TV and was tired), then went to bed, but my slumber was haunted with visions of tiny black bugs crawling everywhere, including all over the bed. Upon waking I discovered my forgotten plate, right where I'd left it the night before, covered with a moving black sheet. I quickly disposed of it, leaving random ants wandering aimlessly.

It's been wet the last couple of days here, with no sun at all. I like it.

I made the mistake, the other day when I deposited my check on my lunch break, of thinking McDonald's would be a good idea. I saw the drive-thru (the fast food giant has a location right next to my bank) was moving fast, and that I would still have time to get a little something. I hungrily zoomed through the parking lot, racing another car coming the other direction, beating them to the lane that featured the menu board and intercom. The dollar menu beckoned and I ordered two McDoubles (only one slice of cheese now, formerly two slices and called the Double Cheeseburger then), small fries and two apple pies (those are two for a buck) and it didn't look like much food. When I read the little apple pie boxes after consuming eveything, my folly was clear; each "pie" (and they're quite small) had 250 calories, 500 in two of them. I had consumed my fill for the day in a single meal. I'm hatin' it!


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  2. OMG, that is so true about McDonald's. You get so many calories from just one little thing, its crazy making. I laughed so hard at the "I'm hatin' it" LOL...that was great. Loved the blog =)

  3. Yeah, I love fast food humor. Thanks for the laugh this morning! I'm giving you an invisible blog award.

  4. oh no
    never ever
    drive in through the Golden Buttocks.
    it ain't food...

  5. Hi Herrad, thanks. I'll get to passing it on as soon as I can. I just now discovered which of your blogs to go to to "pick it up".


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