Sunday, November 2, 2008

All They've Got Left?

The pathetic McCain/Palin cultists are now urging their invisible sky god to intervene and save their disgraced party from the defeat it so richly deserves. Laugh at them if you want to, but keep in mind that these nut jobs have become true believers, not in conservatism, or small government values, or the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, but in a strange cult of militarism and leader worship (first Bush the Decider and now John "Bomb Iran" McCain and his ditzy sidekick, Sarah "Perhaps So" Palin) and America as God's special pet that can do no wrong.

Lord, we thank You for answered prayers for sarah palin and we now humbly ask You to bless john mccain with a spirit of great courage and fill him with a holy fire to speak boldly in defense of what is right and in defense of america.
protect john mccain, Father, and give him great favor with the people and let them see a strong leader who will serve america and her people with wisdom and stand against the evil that wants to destroy america. let him speak the truth about obama and not hold back. fill john mcccain and all of us with a mighty warrior’s spirit to fight the socialist evil that wants to destroy america.

Lord, give us all a desire to do Your will. please bless all the prayer warriors who are praying. we humbly ask all these things and thank You in Jesus’ Holy Name....amen

Unless something happens to change the current trend, on election day judgement will be passed and justice will be done, but it won't be to the "prayer warriors" liking. Their worthless prayers will be about as effective at turning back the tide of the righteous verdict of the American people as they are at stopping hurricanes and healing cancer. A cancer will be removed, of course, but it will be the cancer of the neocons and of the once mighty GOP they helped to destroy. If God exists he is watching with great amusement as those who dare to speak in his name are humiliated by his instrument of their destruction, Hurricane Obama.

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