Saturday, November 8, 2008

Embedded Comments

There seem to be some problems and a confusing format with the Blogger embedded comment option, so for now I've switched back to the old comment form.


  1. What is the "embedded comment option"? What have I been missing out on?

  2. Hey Vigilante, thanks for stopping by again. Well, it goes like this, one day I noticed something odd about the comments page on my blog. Instead of taking me to this full page comment form (where you just now wrote your comment) the comment form (where you actually write and post a comment) was on my blog post itself.

    Blogger Buzz explains it thusly:
    The embedded comment form is more convenient for your readers because they can use it to post a comment immediately, without clicking over to a different page. It also looks better, since it matches your blog’s style and colors.

    For the above reasons I made the switch. But it does not seem to be working quite right at the moment, so I've gone back to the old form.

    To try embedded comments on your own blog, go to your blog dashboard, click settings, then comments and select the Embedded below post option.

    Comment Form Placement
    Full page
    Pop-up window
    Embedded below post


If the post you are commenting on is more than 30 days old, your comment will have to await approval before being published. Rest assured, however, that as long as it is not spam, it will be published in due time.

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