Thursday, November 20, 2008

Think Twice

Doug Stanhope on Some Troops

"He's not fighting for your freedom," says Stanhope of one asshole, "he's fighting cause he's a psychopath that can't wait to kill people."

Of others who join the military because of the lure of "college money" and such, he makes a good point: "They're not yanking kids out of the inner city and making them fight a war."

The truth is that the ranks are filled with either psychopaths or war whores (those that prostitute themselves to the US military in exchange for the benefits they will be given from stolen taxpayer money). Neither deserves any sympathy or "support".

I'll confess that I myself am in the armed forces, but it's not something that I'm particularly proud of anymore, but it's a mistake a made when I was much more naïve and have to suffer the punishment for my naivety just a bit long. Sure I could desert, but that benefits of that would be miniscule compared the terrible consequences and hardships that would be wrought on my family. No, I must suffer this imprisonment as a consequence of my own mistakes for the sake of my family. If I have gained anything from my own experience in the military it is the chance to see firsthand the sick satisfaction some of these people get from being part of America's crusade of slaughter and murder. If it weren't for my time here, I would not truly know the lack of honor among these men that glorify the deaths of "rag heads" or anyone unlike themselves.
- Think Twice When Honoring Veterans

Stefan Molyneux talks to a young man thinking of selling his soul:

What do you think 5 years being ordered around by a bunch of sociopaths, doing work which is fundamentally against your moral principles, serving a corrupt and evil empire and contributing potentially to the deaths of innocents around the world, what is that going to do to you as a human being?

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