Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Don't Believe It!

Via You Made Me Say It

I've known so many Christians like those he describes in this video. Especially about the premarital sex.

I knew one guy that worked with me in TV sales and he wore a cross around his neck and a dying Jesus (crucifix) ring on his finger and was always talking about "the Lord". He was also a used car salesman, which should tell you a lot. He had a flask on him at all times and would buy Red Bulls from the lunch room vending machine and add vodka to them. He then drank this concoction while on the job. When not working he was drunk most of the time, I mean completely loaded. He talked about going home to be with Jesus a lot too. He was also a member of his church choir. Guess he forgot about that part where it says drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Oh, well.

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