Wednesday, November 19, 2008

American Experience: Jonestown

This is part 1, you can find the rest at YouTube

"I was one of those kind of guys that, um, used drugs. I was an alcoholic. I drunk alcohol and stuff like that and all these people that were, like, my age, they were clean...and for me that was like, wow, I like that."- Stanley Clayton, member of Peoples Temple.

"Before I came here I was taking LSD, marijuana, every type of dope you can imagine. Without our pastor Jim Jones to teach me the right way I would not be in college right now."- Young woman testifying during a Peoples Temple service.

Just because something gets someone off drugs or some other vice, doesn't mean its true, right or good. Think about that the next time someone wants to tell you how Jesus changed their life and how he can change your life too. All they've done is substitute one drug for another. Now they're high on Jesus, that's all.

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