Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Evil Nightmare Will Be Toppled

On the rof nirwe gokrns dis cover a rat wuith a bod fat god bihind hes ear so it rab doalopppopthisthe now this does concern us said the maor ass of thw heads read the report why ill bet it tastes okay.

The old fat one with his yellow porcine ears are heartily as he digested this uncommonly good news. "Bitter young Seacreek he'll like that", the old fat one said aloud.

His miniature female partner coughed and spat out a jellified wad of mommybag. "Hishoner won't be none to displeased as well will gubere"?

"Eek! Speak ingles whydontya", the old fat one responded absent-mindedly.

U i togetgerwe cased wak loew to the oldehuse and fing ouyr tad way thru the grimof it alll kind op tells me. Just gy ruht en as de id not be thrr fur the longed time of it quit the bs as we understanthe situason opl hu go mi stay away.

Said the man alone from his lonely spot with no one listening: The battle for good has begun. It will not fall short of its goal. The evil nightmare will be toppled. Count on it and never lose hope.

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