Friday, November 21, 2008


I was listening to a local radio station while in the car the other day and on the local morning talk show they were discussing the city budget with a representative of the city government. The topic was the current fiscal year that started in July. The city, it seems, based on projections from the first 3 months, will fall short of revenue.

"We will earn the same amount as last year," said the city spokesman. "But our expenses are going up, so we'll have a deficit if we don't earn more than we did last fiscal year."

Huh? No government ever "earns" anything. Earning is done in the free marketplace, where you have to offer something someone else wants and compete with others for the right to earn those dollars. Government produces nothing. To get the funds to run its criminal organization, it steals the money (they call it taxation) and if you don't pay, they threaten you (just like mobsters). Like any parasite it takes without permission from its host.

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