Saturday, June 11, 2011

Democraps Is All Alike

You have to wonder who's advising Democrats these days. With the economy stuck in a two-year, Obama-dug rut, their only new economic growth idea is to raise taxes and hike federal spending.-Democrats' Tax-And-Spend Insanity

Well, Democraps is all alike, whatever level of government they're at. In California, which has a budget crisis and no way to borrow or print their way out of it, it is mandated by the state constitution that the budget nevertheless be balanced. However...

Senate Republicans blocked a tax solution to the deficit Friday, prompting Democrats to respond with a countermeasure expanding local taxation powers.

With a deficit of almost $10 billion in the state, the only solution of the Democrat crappy party is "more taxes", taxes that are already eroding the purchasing power of cash-strapped citizens with high taxes every time they turn around. Sales taxes are almost at 10% (unbelievable and outrageous - and a crime against the poor - yet the Democraps, who love poor people of course, just voted to extend the evil sales tax increase!), state income taxes are high, and the "car tax", which is NOT a simple registration fee, but instead an unjustifiable personal property tax based on the value of your vehicle (and for millions Californians, that means registration renewal time means a fee in the hundreds of dollars - though at the moment: Notices are not going out for people whose registrations are due for renewal in July or August...The reason? The Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t know how much to charge. The vehicle-license fee is scheduled to drop to 0.65 percent from its current 1.15 percent on July 1. Gov. Jerry Brown hopes to keep the higher rate in place as part of a series of tax extensions ) is ridiculously high as well.

These taxes have driven business and individuals from the tarnished Golden State, but the Democraps persist with their failed policies. Oh, but they've done all they can in making cuts to the out-of-control spending that they are responsible for in the first place.

Democrats want to solve the remaining $9.6 billion deficit with extensions of higher sales and vehicle taxes, as well as a return to higher income tax rates that expired last year. Democrats asserted Friday that they had already taken hard votes by slashing universities and various programs for the poor in March.

Naturally! An old Democrap deception! Cut popular programs to get the public against budget cuts and outraged. Turn on the poor instead of the bloated state government bureaucracy! This is what local governemnt criminals do as well, when they want more taxes to feed on - they don't cut waste, they go after things like schools, libraries, police and fire services - first!. I should add that I'm all in favor of abolishing public schools and the police (go for it!) but the idiot, moronic sheeple are too stupid to favor freeing themselves from the shackles and instruments of control of the ruling class.

Senate Democrats on Friday sought to extend those taxes for an entire year, as well as reinstate a smaller dependent tax credit and income tax surcharge. That would raise an estimated $8.1 billion.

"This allows our state to move forward, making the investments that our parents made for us," said Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills.

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Scumbag Fran, what the f**k are you talking about? Investments? The Democrats have sunk the state of California and it's on the verge of total collapse. Go to hell, pond scum!

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