Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bulb Ban Exports American Jobs

It's a complex story that looks like a simple one. The simple version goes like this: Four years ago, The People Who Know Better Than You decided Americans should no longer be allowed to purchase an incandescent light bulb. That's the kind with a filament you've been screwing into your light sockets just as your father and grandfather and great-grandfather did, dating back to the time of Thomas Edison.

Hands off our bulbs

That's right, you won't be able to buy bulbs that give off a lot of heat on those cold winter nights. Bulbs that give real light! Bulbs that actually care about the environment, because they aren't filled with deadly mercury like those twisted florescent bulbs the lying environmentalist wackos want you to spend a fortune on.

Stand up for jobs, light and heat! Take a stand for real bulbs!

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  1. Yes, the irony: Regular incandescents are called "old obsolescent"
    technology while also being simple cheap safe and known lighting
    technology, compared with new complex and questionably safe lighting
    (CFLs with fire, mercury and radiation risks, LEDS with lead and
    arsenic risks, ( onwards).
    Yes, we should welcome the new: it does not mean having to ban the old!


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