Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tommy Chong: "You're Being Paid to Lie Like the Rest of the Liars!"

The US DEA went into Canada and arrested him (the guy on Chong's T-shirt) for selling seeds over the Internet

Tommy Chong went to jail (for drug paraphernalia) because of scum like the filthy Canadian statist bitch "wallflower", whose silence or active/passive support of the drug laws makes possible this kind of tyranny. I do NOT apologize for using strong language in regard to those who support aggression and the initiation of force and violence against the innocent (those who have harmed no one by their actions). As I said before, go hang yourself if you support the state's aggression and evil and do decent, caring people a favor by exiting this world!


  1. Yeah... I'm not sure wallflower is why Tommy Chong went to jail. I'm pretty sure it's because John Ashcroft had a hard-on for prosecuting high-profile drug offenses. In fact, I'm pretty sure cannabis and a lot of other drugs were legal before she was born, and that she would be as futile in changing anything as we are now if the tables were reversed.

    If you're gonna blame one person, blame William Randolph Hearst.


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