Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Abortion Clinic Rules in Kansas

Ben Mankiewicz and Ana Kasparian discuss new regulations imposed on Kansas abortion clinics in an effort to close the clinics down.

Presumably it's "conservatives" not "liberals" behind these regulations. No doubt the same "conservatives" who get outraged over nanny state regulation when "liberals" do it. We're not even talking about regulations having to do with how or when abortions are performed, but with the size of the janitors closet? The temperature inside the clinic? What lying, hypocritical statists the phony conservatives are.

Of course, abortion, ironically, is the most moral action a pregnant woman can take, and that's based on objective morality, which the Christian liars claim to believe in, even though their imaginary God-based "morality" is completely arbitrary and without any objective basis at all.

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  1. Honestly, I am meeting a disturbing number of Democrats, liberals, atheists, etc. who are against abortion.

    Thanks Juno... fucking Diablo Cody, I'm glad they cancelled "United States of Tara."


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