Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scumbag Government Pond Scum Shuts Down Innocent Children's Lemonade Stand

The money earned was going to charity, but the goverment thug didn't give a damn. No vendor's license Hahahahahaha! You must get permission from your master the State to sell lemonade, hahahahahahahaha!

Jennifer Hughes, the director of permitting for the county, says it's technically illegal to run even the smallest lemonade stand in the county...-Kids Lemonade Stand At U.S. Open Fined $500 And Shut Down By Montgomery County

To hell with the State's phony "laws". For freedom to live, the State must end!


  1. Wah, we're kids, we're above the law. We don't listen to warnings, follow the rules, and then cry when we get fined.

  2. Fuck you, Bret! If you aren't hurting anyone and are just engaging in voluntary transactions, you're the one in the wrong, not the piece of shit who fines you and shuts you down?

    All those people rotting in the State's prisons for vilotaing the drug laws, they thought they were above the law, ignored the warnings and so you think they got what was coming to them?

    Go back to Stalinist Russia, you sick statist fuck!

  3. Bret is a typical right-winger. I've known these authoritarian types my whole life. What an asshole!

  4. Please ignore my previous comment. I've decided to go "nice", which means I'll be more gentle with Bret from now on. What we need is a calm, reasoned discussion on this matters, and if Bret still doesn't agree with me, then I'll blast him!

  5. I did lol hard at these. Brava.


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