Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snowflake Speaks

Welcome all to my new feature, I was asked by Nikk to write here and look forward to interacting with you all. I'm a shapely young thing who is not currently in a relationship, but never mind that. Let us get started with this new venture of mine!

Okay, so here goes! I was walking the other day and a old man tried to whistle at me, but his teeth fell, out! Serves him right, dirty old man!

Then I went to the store to by some new pants for work! Guess what? They didn't have my size! I'm not going to the plump shop, so forget it if you guys at that store are trying to get me to buy clothes somewhere else! ha-ha! Not a chance! I can wait to get new pants!

Then, I went to get some Arby's. Yum! I had a coupon. I have lots of fast food coupons! I never miss a deal...or a meal!

There's this guy I like a lot at work, but he keeps ignoring my emails asking him to go to the movies! What a jerk!

I like to bring my own food when i go to the movies. It's not the prices at the concession stand, it's just that they don;t have enough selection. I like variety if I'm going to be sitting in a moviehouse for a couple hours... McDonalds, Wendy's, Taco Bell, KFC! All so good!

Well, I've got to get something to eat for back soon!

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