Friday, June 24, 2011

80 New Taglines for Skeptical Eye

At Least Four Servings of Truth in Every Post
Fairly Unbalanced
We’re The Ones Newspapers Warned You About
The News Not Run by Jews
Free [Internet] Cookies With Each Visit
The Source for Fresh Conspiracies
All the News That Wasn’t Fit To Print
Look How Angry White Guys Can Be
Where People Come To Not Comment
Denouncing Obama Before He Was President
Like A Tree: Standing Firm, Except Against Chainsaws
Now With 20/20 Hindsight
Sometimes We Stumble Upon The Truth
Not Only Stupid, But the Cause of Stupidity in Others
We Aren’t Ideological Whores: We Do It For Free
Tomorrow’s News, Yesterday!
We Are, Are You?
Enjoy It While It’s Legal
You Get What You Paid For
The Fourth Best Part of Your Day
What’s In It For You?
If It Matters to You, It Matters to Us
Now With Extra Snark
Because You Have a Right To Know
A News Blog For Those Who Can Read
It’s Thinking Time
Like Reading an Instant Classic Every Day
We Never Take a Day Off, Though We Should
If You Don’t Get It, Get the Fuck Out
As Cynical As It Gets
We’re Big in Luxembourg
We’re Not As Bad As You’ve Heard
The News Is What We Make Of It
When News Breaks, We Duct Tape It Back Together
If It’s Happening Near You, It’s News To Us
News You Can Be Proud To Read
Never Boring, Sometimes Good, Always In English
Same Shit, Different Day
We Literally Rape You With Information
We Will Kill As Few As Possible
The Best Thing To Happen To Skepticism Since Weed
Ahead Of Our Time; Using Standard Calendar For Clarity
Like An Expresso Enema Of News
Winners of the 1956 Westfield Harvest Festival
It’s Better If You’re High
A Labyrinth Of Twisted Corridors & The Smell Of Feet
Vary Attentionative To Detail
If You Don’t Know, Ask
What Do We Post? What DON’T We Post?
We Breed Truth Like Rabbits; Prepare For A Mind Fuck
Your Browser History Will Never Be The Same
You Can’t Believe You Read It? I Can’t Believe I Wrote It
Behold: The Power Of Boredom
We’ll Try Harder This Time
Better News Through Research
Hope, Triumph, and Other Bullshit-Free
One View A Day, That’s All We Ask
If You Don’t Like It, Make Your Own Blog
Will You Be Prepared?
You Have To Ask Yourself: Are You In Or Are You Out?
The Antidote For Politics
We Love To Criticize, And It Shows
Independent News: Good For You, Bad For Them
Don’t You Wish Everyone Read This?
It’s Not Complicated: We Post It, You Read It
Relax, Doom Is Inevitable
Shouldn’t Your News Be As Smart As You Are?
Look At What An Awful Time It Is To Be Alive
Have We Ever Steered You Wrong?
Every Fire Needs A Spark
Your Curiosity Is Our Passion
Good Enough For A King, But Made For An Anarchist
Grab Truth By The Balls
If You Like Us So Much, Why Not Comment?
Do You Hear That Humming?
Imagine Better Blogging… You’re Looking At It
Hey, Have You Heard?
Come For The News, Stay For The Fireworks
Can You Handle It?
Welcome: You Are Now On A List

I could do more, but I’m still uncertain some of those were worth posting.


  1. Whoa. How long did it take you to think of all of those? A lot of them are really good!

    I like the "four servings" one

  2. One afternoon of my wife being away...

    And feel free to take any of them you want, otherwise they'll go to waste.


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