Monday, June 27, 2011

Pringles Rant

I shouldn't have bought them. I also shouldn't shop when I'm hungry. Hard to resist the crisps, though, when a big can is only $1.00. Walmart again, where I also bought some M&M Minis in a tube. The M&M tube, however, had a lid that was hinged and that you can seal tight again after you've opened it. I have to say, it's a better tube than the Pringles can, even though the guy who invented the chip/crisp (originally, Pringles were called "Newfangled Potato Chips", but they were forced to call them crisps instead, since they aren't really chips) container thought it was good enough to be buried in.

I was driving and decided to have some crisps. A couple at a time to munch on. I had time to kill. I was picking up my mom from the hospital and she wasn't going to be released until the afternoon. I shouldn't have been hungry, since I'd stopped at McDonalds along the way for a Double Cheeseburger (yes, it's back at my McDonalds for nineteen cents more than the "McDouble") and a small french fries. After adding up those calories, I should have been satisfied to wait for a while before stuffing my face again, but how can you resist opening a tube of pressed potato dust when it's right in front of you?

After having a few, I put the lid on, but the lid is a piece of crap, it won't hold well. So, here's the rant part of this post. Make your damn tube of crisps truly reclosable! When I went for the crisps again later, the can was on its side and as I picked it up, the lid came off and half my crisps fell out and onto the floor! Is this a scheme to sell more crisps, Pringles? If so, it has failed in my case, for I vow not to buy your imitation chips again until you have a better lid on your crisp tubes, maybe a screw on one, or a snapping, hinged one such as on the M&M Minis tube.


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